10.22.18 F.I.T.

Capstone CrossFit – F.I.T.

Warmup (12)
Descending Ladder from 8 to 1
Crossbody MCs (R+L = 1)
Wall donkeys
Alt lunges (R+L = 1)
30 double unders

Run 300m

Core (8)
Coaches Choice

F.I.T. Test (5)
2 min ME of
Toes 2 Bar

Then Run 300m

Team Chipper (15)
Teams of 3
2 people working at a time, 1 resting
Go in any order but must complete full movement before moving on to next

100 pull ups (jumping ok)
100 KB swings
100 sit ups
100 squats (with or w/o weight)
100 push ups

Run 300m

Slam Ball Circuit (10)
30 sec each station, 3x thru
slam balls
SB thrusters
SB russian twists
SB push press


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