9.9.18 F.I.T.

Capstone CrossFit – F.I.T.

5 rounds (run with plate):
– Run 100m
– 10 plate G2OH
– Run 100m
– 10 jump squats
– Run 200m
– 10 thrusters
– Run 200m
– 10 plate v-ups

Tabata 1
TRX Knee Tuck

Tabata 2
Windshield Wipers w/bar

F.I.T. Test
No F.I.T. Test

9 minutes:
7 Deadlifts (75/95)
5 Burpees over Bar
3 ball slams (20/30)

Partner Fun
Sharing 1 Bar, One Partner Runs 100m
Other partner completes :60 each of:
Box Jumps
Back Squats
Push Press
Bent over Row

2 minute FIT Test
Coaches Choice


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