8.8.18 F.I.T.

Capstone CrossFit – F.I.T.

Warmup (10)
400m run, then 2 rounds:
10 PVC pass throughs
10 TRX rows
10 TRX pike to push ups
10 scorpion twists
10 wall facing squats
Run 200m after 1st round & 100m after 2nd round

Core (12)
3 rounds:
1 min TRX knee tucks
1 min Ab-mat sit ups
1 min supermans

EMOM (12)
10 min EMOM:
5 clean & jerks (95/65)
5 burpees over bar
if time remaining in min = rest

Ascending Ladder (10)
From 1 to 10:
Heavy KB swings (53/35)
High box jumps (30/24)

Chipper Finisher (10)
Start on any move but stay in order and complete the exercise before moving on
100 double unders (2x singles)
40 wall donkey burpees
30 push ups
20 pull ups
10m bear crawl
100m farmers carry


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