7.6.18 F.I.T.

Capstone CrossFit – F.I.T.

Warmup (15)
EMOM for 7 minutes
Complete all exercises
Remaining time is rest
6 l/w wall balls (14/10)
6 hand release push-ups
6 toes 2 bar

Core (9)
Coaches Choice

F.I.T. Test
2 Minutes of Max Wall Balls 20/14

For Time + E2MOM (Cap at 14)
Go in any order, finish one before switching

43 wall walks
43 barbell back squats
43 bench donkeys
43 plate G2OH
43 pass through lunges (R+L = 2)
7 burpees E2MOM

For Time w/ partner + EMOM (15)
Work same exercise at same time
43 wall walk to shoulder taps
43 barbell thrusters
43 alt DB bench press (R+L = 1)
43 plate squat jumps
43 KB OH lunges (R+L = 2)
One partner runs 100m EMOM


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