6.8.18 F.I.T.

Capstone CrossFit – F.I.T.

Warmup (17)
3 rounds, 1 minute of each:
single unders
alt battle ropes
DB bent over rows
TRX SL burpees
weighted ab mat sit-ups

Core (8)
Coaches Choice w/ Weight

Workout #1 (20)
20 seconds of hold, 10 seconds of ME. 8 rounds per set:
Barbell back squat hold / Then ME squats for 10 sec
Bench bottom hold (off chest) / Then ME bench press for 10 sec
KB OH hold / Then ME KB swings for 10 sec
Landmine deadlift bottom hold / Then ME landmine deadlifts for 10 sec

Chip Away (15)
Go in order, as fast as possible:
10 strict pull-ups (no kip)
20 KB goblet squat jumps
30 Slamballs
40 barbell box step ups
48 burpees
60 grasshoppers (R+L = 2)


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